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Harvest Textiles is a team of women who share a passion for quality handmade textiles, the joy of learning, community and sustainability.
Jess Wright, Emma Byrnes and Lara Davies are the co-directors of Harvest Textiles which was founded in January 2010.

We run screenprinting and textile workshops and host guest talks, seminars, exhibitions, popup shops and events from our fantastic studio Harvest Workroom in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.
We also produce a label where we use our screenprinting prowess to make hand screenprinted clothing, homewares, accessories, yardage and DIY contemporary kits.
As a brand, we try to use organic, recycled or locally produced fabrics where possible to reduce our impact on the environment.
We are passionate about creating products that are not mass produced and made by our own hand. We are also compelled to impart these skills to other like-minded people in our community and that is why we love running workshops, classes and collaborating with other designers on dynamic projects with a communal focus.
See below for a rundown of each of the ladies behind Harvest Textiles & visit our flickr for more images.
(Portraits of Jess, Emma and Lara courtesy of Olga Bennett.)


Jess is trained as a graphic designer and worked for many years designing children's clothing.
She teaches our screenprinting workshops and loves coming up with new prints and products for the Harvest range.

Jess is one of the three co-directors of Harvest.

Contact Jess by email.



Emma studied a B.A.Communications/ Broadcast Journalism degree and has an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Animation. Her career has spanned radio, film, web, writing, photography and retail. She established Plump Organic Grocery with her mate Jock in 2002-2009 and has moved on from that venture to establish Harvest Textiles with Lara and Jess. She has taught screenprinting for the C.A.E and Harvest Textiles.
Here is what Feed The Dog said about Emma:
"I know the word is spreading about Harvest Textiles who ran this particular workshop and I join the many who praise the talents and professionalism of the serene Emma."

Emma is one of the three co-directors of Harvest.

Contact Emma by email.



Lara was trained in Fine Art and majored in Drawing. She has also studied print making and taught screen printing for several years at various institutions throughout Australia.

Here is what Mizu Designs said about our lovely Lara:
"I can't recommend this 2 day workshop enough. It's run by Harvest Textiles and they're just so lovely. Lara, our teacher for the weekend was as patient and knowledgeable about printmaking as they come. And we got such a buzz from being a small group of people doing this together. If you want to learn some basics about textile printing then this is the place to do it."

Lara is one of the three co-directors of Harvest.

Contact Lara by email.



Emma Ragheb (left) and Frances Wilson (right) teach many of the workshops at Harvest as well as working in print production.

Contact Emma by email.

Contact Fran by email.

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