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It’s been four exciting years at Harvest but we’ve decided to call it a day.  
Over the years we’ve enjoyed working with you all, including some very special artists-in-residents
and studio buddies.
Thanks also to the hundreds of students who attended our workshops and events. Without you our
business would never have run the distance.
Also thanks to those who bought our hand printed textile products. Each one was made with love
and you can rest assured knowing that what you have is now a certified limited edition piece.
The blog is a great place to reminisce.

We started Harvest in 2010 as a place to design, make and teach others while bringing up our kids.
Several years (and kids) later we’re embarking on a new journey.
Lara and Jess with their label Homework and Em with her creative project Heartland.

We hope we can still be a part of your world, so please visit our websites, follow us on instagram
and do stay in touch via our new projects. Thanks so much for all your support.
It’s been a blast.


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